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About Me

My name is Tom, I am a Social Anthropology student at the University of Kent. I have a love of dogs, a massive fan of 'indie' music and a passion for vintage clothing. I have spent the last four years in Canterbury, although before that I spent a significant portion of my life in a place called Street (famous for Clark's shoes!) in Somerset. Aside from that I have lived in various parts of Europe due to being born to a father in the Navy. I lived a fairly boring life, was smart and had a few friends...

My sister, dog Max and I (2002)

Oh, and between the ages of 16-18 I had an Eating Disorder. It began when I had finished my GCSEs and was about to move to a new college to begin my A-Levels, I saw this as an opportunity to improve myself. I was going to lose weight, get more friends and achieve the best grades I could. Little would I know that this cost me two years of my life, all my friends and destroyed my relationships with my family members...

Me in 2015, a few months before starting at the University of Kent

I decided that I would produce a short film on the experiences of those who have suffered with an eating disorder, it has been something nobody who has studied alongside me for these past four years would ever have guessed happened to me. But it did. So I wanted to provide a platform for those who have also suffered to talk about their own experiences and begin a discourse that many have been to afraid to start. I consider this a case of public anthropology, inspired by Scheper-Hughes, Jeff Schonberg and Philippe Bourgois. With this film I want to educate and demonstrate to the general public that these cases of eating disorders are more common than they would like to believe. I would also like to present this diversity of experience to inform medical professionals about the various ways that this illness can manifest, maybe I can prevent one person from going what I went through alone.


What's Eating Tom @2019

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